Life @Rewa


relaxing & travel in our hotel

Rewa brings you an amazing eco-friendly stay at a prime location for holidays and vacations.

With a promising natural atmosphere full of greenery, floral beauty, wildlife and peace, have a soothing experience with great lodging amenities with us.

Comfortable rooms with mesmerizing views happen to be one beautiful combination to enhance your experience.

The magnificent Narmada river invites you for a dip so near to you with the infinite open sky above, clattering waves around and chirping birds to keep you company.

Culture of Malwa

The artistic folk paintings around, portray the cultural prosperity of Malwa.

Enjoy special dining arrangements along the riverside with the sumptuous organic and fresh farm food served and presented in a way to add to your experience of a natural habitat.

We ensure a society enriching and fulfilling work arena. The place generates employability opportunities for the locals and rurals around.

The working staff at the property are the localities trained and employed for the resort. Right from the raw materials to supplies for maintenance at the resort are procured locally ensuring eco-friendly interest.

Facilities at Rewa Resorts

Treat yourself with the eternal relaxation of mind and body with spa and yoga facilities at Rewa.

Behold a spectacular sunset at the sunset point with the most amazing view ever accompanied with the natural vibe around.

Witness a vast star studded night sky with the telescope activities beside the bonfire arrangements along with music during late evenings.

Making your whole day eventful and peaceful at the same time, we bring you one perfectly packed eco-friendly experience at Rewa.