Major Attractions


Local Attractions

  • Omkareshwar temple
  • Maheshwar temple
  • Siddawarkut
  • River Narmada
  • Indira sagar dam
  • Kajal rani caves

Farm fresh food

Rewa grows all fruits and vegetables in its own farms within the resort surrounding itself. You can see how these greens are growing organically here. As no chemical or fertilizers used in farming practices here, you can experience the very original taste of the produce which is hard to find otherwise nowadays. Some of the edibles growing at Rewa would be: Orange | Mango | Lemon | Guava | Gooseberry{Chiku} | Berries {Jamun} | Amla | Indian Gooseberry | Pomegranate {Anar} | papaya and many more seasonal fruits


You can sail through the holy Narmada river from Rewa and experience the peaceful and relaxing vibe of the place. Although the water level is kept in mind before suggesting that you should go for it.

Riverside Dining

Enjoy special dining arrangements along the riverside with the sumptuous organic and fresh farm food served and presented in a way to add to your experience of a natural habitat.

Walk along river Narmada

The Narmada, also called the Rewa is the sixth longest river in the Indian subcontinent, also known as "Life Line of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh" for its huge contribution to the state of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh in many ways. Get lost in its glory as you take a walk along the river. Through the dazzling sunrises to the calming sunsets, the river water rippling and trickling is music to your ears.

Adventure sports

There’s nothing like a day at The Adventure Sports at Rewa Resorts! Enjoy exciting adventure sports for day long at Rewa.
Age - 5 and above.
Enlisting adventure sports would be:

  • Commando Net
  • Burma Bridge
  • Burma loop
  • Fly Fox
  • Tarzan swing
  • Tyre swing
  • Rippling
  • Wall Climbing
  • Splash pool
  • Rain Dance