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Nature || Boat Journey To Omkareshwar || River side || Farm fresh Food || Forest Trekking
There are several unique features that make Rewa different from several other holiday resorts in the region, and the most fulfilling one among all. Some of its unique features include:

Rewa has put its corporate responsibilities on priority and has adopted all possible measures to avoid environmental degradation. We have adopted natural process to avoid carbon emission, and have implemented efficient waste degradation system to protect environment around us.

Near Nature:
Rewa resort is neatly nestled where nature is sprawled with all its magnificence around. While resting here you can come across several unique phases of nature which reflect in the clearness of river, freshness of air, openness of sky, freeness of birds and sparrows and rareness of greens.

Boating to Aumkareshwar:
Narmada; one of the holiest rivers of India, is passing just nearby. You cannot fathom its greatness until you really see the holy spots situated on its bank for centuries. One of such sacred places is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas Omkareshwar. You can sail to the place through boating from Rewa and personally experience the religious value of the place by looking at the devotees and their devotion being performed all around.

Having situated near the bank of Narmada, Rewa provides you a unique opportunity to sit on its side or just walk along the river and enjoy the melodious sounds of waves. There is a lot to learn and experience from this land if you would come to.

Farm fresh food:
Unlike other resorts Rewa grows all fruits and vegetables in its own farms within the resort itself. You can see how these greens are growing organically here. As no chemical or fertilizers used in farming practices here, you can experience the very original taste of the produce which is hard to gain anywhere ever.
Orange | Mango | Lemon | Guava | Gooseberry{Chiku} | Berries {Jamun} | Amla |
Indian Gooseberry | Pomegranate {Anar} | papaya and many more seasonal fruits

Forest Trekking:
The forest here is nourished by the river Narmada hence has grown densely. There is a genuine jungle all around you if that is where you had wanted to wander. You can come across several friendly species while enjoying the nature. There are trekking arrangements for those who enjoy outdoor adventures and want to challenge oneself with something exciting. We have got a team of trained coaches and assistants who would help you do it safely.
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