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Rewa is an Eco-friendly resort built within lush green natural surrounding environment. A few beautiful habitats have been arranged within bunch of fruitful trees. All the habitats are closely connected but away enough from each other to ensure the privacy of occupants. The stone studded path guides you to the wide stretched gardens full with regional flora and fauna.

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You have worked hard to achieve all that and must be feeling tired now! It’s time to take a break from the mundane affairs and reward yourself with a rejuvenating holiday near nature.
Rewa resort invites you to experience the refreshing reverie in the most natural environment.
Perfectly placed in village Mortakka, on the way to famous pilgrimages Omkareshwar ( Aumkareshwar ), Maheshwar and SidhwarKut ( Sidhwarkoot / Siddhwarkoot - A Jain Pilgrimage), on Indore-Khandwa road, it is more or less a heavenly habitat for the tourists, travelers and those pursuing peace.  The resort is nestled amid natural surroundings near bank of the Narmada. The lush green stretches nourished by the river make it a perfect holiday destination for all. The clear sky, cool bridge, ambient aura and strong security make it a perfect place to rest peacefully.
Besides comfortable luxury rooms, some special cottages have also been made for the guests so that to give a perfect feeling of rustic life in conjunction with modern amenities at this Eco-friendly resort. The picturesque landscape is visible even from the windows and balconies of cozy rooms.
There are adventurous sports and exciting activities arranged for groups to enjoy. There is a lot more for families too.
Come one come all!
We are available at your beck and call.

  • Adventure Sports
  • River Side Dining
  • Farm Fresh Food
  • Boating to Omkareshwar
  • Forest Trekking
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